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Uncovered by Alliance Investigative Services

Look no further! We are the BEST Private Investigator and detective agency in SO CAL with the BEST RATES! We are highly trusted among our long list of clients including attorneys, law firms, insurance companies, small and big businesses and of course, individuals throughout Southern California and also other states in this great nation. We are devoted to gaining your trust and business so that we may succeed in helping you and others throughout the process of our investigations.

A long history of successful investigations

This is the reason we have been providing our services successfully for over 17 years in Southern California and have been growing stronger with every new client we obtain.

Our investigative services provides peace of mind

With our relentless pursuits, use of cutting-edge technology, extensive experience and a zeal to fight for the interests of our clients, we have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance fraud cases, industrial sabotage, background checks, copyright infringement and intellectual property espionage. Alongside, we have also provided comfort to individuals by providing them timely and factual information in cases of infidelity, abuse and child custody conflicts.

California Licensed Private Investigator

We are a California licensed private investigation and detective agency primarily providing the best investigative services in the areas of Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County and San Diego County, including, but not limited to Corona, Riverside, Palm Springs, Anaheim Hills, Newport beach, Los Angeles and the southern State of California.

Our core areas

● Surveillance
● Criminal investigations
● Trademark infringement and copyright investigations
● Insurance investigations
● Cheating spouse investigation and verification
● Child custody issues and facts-checking
● Process Server
● Background Checks

Why work with Alliance Agent Investigative and Detective Services?

  • We believe in the values of trust: We’re known for accountability, confidentiality and timely action. Aside from the fact that we have a network of professional, licensed private investigators, we give personal attention to every individual case.

  • An ethnically diverse workforce: With an ethnically diverse team of investigators having backgrounds in law, policing, insurance, health, intellectual property right, child custody, corporate espionage, background verifications and family laws, you immediately feel at ease when you start working with us.

  • A wide spectrum of services: Whether you’re a business requiring surveillance and background check services, or an attorneys’ firm looking for hard substantiated evidence to make your case stronger, or an individual mired in a bad relationship or a custody battle, we are there to help you. Although we cannot fight your battles for you, we can certainly provide you the right information, information that can empower you and give you a solid ground to stand on.

  • Confidentiality guaranteed: Your private and confidential information is totally safe with us. Protection of sensitive data is not just crucial for a competitive edge, even when you’re going through a bad patch in your marital relationship, it is very important that your information remains just with you.

  • State-of-the-art methods and technology: Although investigation and detective work has got a lot to do with individual instinct and a knack for smelling evidence, contemporary gadgets and technologies are inseparable from our work. We use and employ the latest gadgetry to provide you sharp photographic and audiovisual evidence wherever necessary. Our computers are equipped with the best (according to industry standards) detective and investigative software that helps us analyse the most critical data and provide you with the information you need.

So stop living in the midst of speculations and suspicions. Get your facts straight and be in a position where you are secure, confident and well informed. Whether you want to avoid an emotional setback or save your company from financial jeopardy, we are here to help.


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Child support issues and child custody matters.
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