Insurers Defense Services


Insurance Defense Services

Working with either defense counsel or the insurance carrier, Alliance Investigative Services can help manage risk, mitigate claim exposure and identify potential claim fraud or abuse by conducting the following investigations …

A.O.E. / C.O.E.:

  • Obtain recorded claimant and/or witness interviews
  • On-Site, 3rd Party Subrogation
  • Secure claimant personnel file and other documents as recommended
  • Obtain signature on relevant records release forms

Activity Checks / Sub Rosa:

  • Verification of indicated residence
  • Discrete neighbor canvass to determine employment and activity level
  • Location survey for follow-on sub rosa.
  • Covert observation and video of Claimant

We Will Create A Secure Web Page Created For You On Our Site With All Reports, Invoicing Photos and Video for Easy Referencing

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