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    • Serving the city of Ladera Ranch and the surrounding areas for over 17 years, helping private individuals with infidelity problems, child custody matters and also conducting background checks for persons of interest.

    • Do you feel isolated due to extramarital affairs happening in your relationship? Up to 40 percent of all couples are affected by unfaithfulness in their relationships. Infidelity does not discriminate—it affects people of all races, all religions and both genders.
      People are fascinated with affairs (just look at all the media frenzy around Arnold Schwarzenegger and General David Petraeus). And, while the A-list celebrities often have their exploits on the covers of supermarket tabloids, for most people there’s a shroud of secrecy surrounding infidelity that is almost impenetrable. Let us help you in finding the truth about your spouse or partner so that you can move forward in your life.

    • We also conduct surveillance while child is in care of your ex-spouse to determine if they are leaving the child unattended, or if they are drinking or using drugs outside of the home while having custody of the child.

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With a network of professional, licensed private investigators at our disposal, we can get the job done quickly. We are always available to you. Our Investigators can handle large or small case loads. Just give us a call and let us get started on your assignment right away.

Every Case is considered CONFIDENTIAL. No need to worry about information being leaked to anyone regarding your private or business investigation matters.

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Child support issues and child custody matters.
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