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Avalon CA Private Investigators staff specializes in Surveillance in and around the Avalon, CA area, and also nationwide, and are highly responsive to our client’s needs. Call anytime between 8:00 a.m. and midnight PST and talk to an experienced investigator with Alliance Investigative Services. We are available to you for immediate response.

All Avalon Private Investigator assignments are handled in a confidential and discreet manner by the highly skilled and experienced private investigators at Alliance Investigative Services, Inc. Our investigators understand the need for Private Investigators in order to reveal the truth of a situation. You can be confident that our determination, diligence and attention to detail will reveal what you need to know.

Although Avalon, CA Private Investigators specializes in providing Private Investigator services to clients who suspect their partner of cheating, our private investigator staff is experienced in all types of Private Investigations including domestic (child custody issues, teen activity, suspected abuse, etc.), business (employee integrity, workplace conduct, etc.) and insurance and Worker’s Compensation fraud. A large percentage of our Private Investigator business is assigned to us by insurance companies and private clients. Avalon, California Private Investigators understand that investigations involving Private matters are sensitive to your situation and we guarantee a discreet and confidential investigation. Our investigators will provide video proof of questionable activities to assist you in taking the appropriate next steps to resolve the issue.

We are also aware of the sensitive legal issues regarding Surveillance and will ensure that your desire to use the carefully obtained information in litigation is not jeopardized.

Private Investigator Avalon California’s team draws from their qualifications in: accounting, criminology, insurance, Law Enforcement and computer science to provide our clients with an exceptional evidentiary service. Avalon Private Investigative personnel have extensive experience working on litigated cases and working with attorneys, combined with a complete knowledge of criminal and civil law.

Avalon Private Investigators are representative of California and include both a cultural and gender diverse team. The team has participated in thousands of investigations and these experiences have honed our abilities to a level that few California private investigators ever reach. Our unique makeup and blend of experience allows us to approach each investigation from a solid foundation, while remaining innovative and adaptable to our client’s needs.

Private Investigator Avalon CA leads the way in private investigations in Southern California. We are duly licensed, bonded and insured. Our investigators have testified in court as experts and obtained and developed evidence for both state and federal cases.

Our Investigator’s commitment to excellence has earned us a reputation for professionalism, integrity, discretion, and innovation. We are dedicated to setting the standard of excellence in the private investigation industry in California.

Our clients enjoy knowing that they have entrusted their case to one of California’s premier private investigators. We obtain the information you need without wasting your time and money. That’s why more and more California insurance companies are turning to us to assist them.

“No matter what problem you face, you have found the best Investigative Company that can help!”